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Meet Our Charity CATCH!

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CATCH: Every Family. Every Person. A Home.

We’re EXCITED to work with CATCH again this year – if you haven’t heard of them, they actively work with homeless families and individuals to get them homes and stabilizing their households to keep them in homes. They are truly a remarkable organization and we hope you’ll join us to help the cause!

From director Stephanie Day:

CATCH is a local grassroots non-profit whose goal is to do everything possible to end homelessness in the Treasure Valley. In Ada County, we lead a community collaborative effort to streamline the homeless services system called Our Path Home. CATCH houses and coordinates this 36 agency partnership that created one entry point into homelessness services in Ada County. The Our Path Home team sits down with each household that experiences homelessness and helps navigate all of the local resources and figure out what their path home should look like. Our Path Home maintains one wait list for the entire County and helps households get connected to programs as openings occur. In 2018, Our Path Home conducted housing planning sessions with 283 families and 419 adult-only households. They also helped connect 74 households to referrals to homelessness programs and 72 households signed a lease through a housing program that year. An additional 56 households reported back to Our Path Home that they were able to resolve their housing crisis without assistance. 87% of the families that were housed through the CATCH Rapid Rehousing program graduated successfully from the program.

One of the programs that Our Path Home refers families to is CATCH’s rapid rehousing program. This program takes families living in emergency shelters or cars and helps them develop short-term and long-term stabilization plans. Each case manager helps the family look for housing, helps pay the application fees, deposit and first month of rent. From that point on, the program is very tailored to the needs of each family. Some families are financially stable as soon as they move into housing and they graduate immediately. Others may need several months of rental assistance before they are ready to take over their own rent payments. In 2018, we housed 46 families and on average they needed 5 months of rental assistance. On average, it cost $5,577 to stably house these families.

Finally, Our Path Home also refers households to a program that CATCH launched in November 2017 called the Linda Fund. This program is targeted at households that have sufficient income to support themselves in housing, but may not have enough money saved to get over the hurdle of deposit and first month’s rent payments. The Linda Fund provides assistance with those move-in costs. In 2018, The Linda Fund housed 55 households at an average cost of $1,050.


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