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Designer Spotlight: Randy Thaemert

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Randy Thaemert

Here at the Creative Good Auction, our designer spotlight is a semi-monthly feature we run to showcase certain individuals in the Boise, Idaho design community to educate the community about the skills and services they offer. Today, we would like to introduce Randy Thaemert of Randy Thaemert Design who has done award-winning work for clients big and small throughout the U.S.

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“Every client is different, which is why I personalize my approach for every project and client with whom I work. I believe in the organic development that stems from face-to-face discussions and always like to meet a client before beginning. I strive to customize your experience as much as possible, helping to ensure that projects are successful, expectations are met, and a long-lasting working relationship is established.”

Randy ThaemertBoise Designer

Hi Randy! Tell us a little bit about your background and what got you into design.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in rural Idaho — farming, ranching, and spending as much time outdoors as possible. I had always wanted to work for the Forest Service or become an architect, although I do recall thinking how cool Darrin Stephens (Bewitched) ad executive job would be — pitching clever ad campaigns to clients. 

I spent my childhood riding motorcycles and drawing — a lot. I was never a big athlete or into many sports for that matter. I paid more attention to team mascots and colors than I did the actual game being played. During that time, I didn’t know “graphic design” was a thing. As someone growing up in the 80s, “graphics” were something a body shop painted on cars — ghost flames, scallops, and neon splashes — something I was attracted to and pursued as my first career in auto body and custom paint. 

My days painting cars professionally was short-lived, but led to almost ten years of selling welding equipment. A company I worked for had an auto paint division, and I was regularly approached to consult on customer’s paint schemes, fleet and race car graphic layouts, and commercial signage design. I realized how much I enjoyed this type of work and discovered what “I want to be when I grow up.” I enrolled in Boise State’s Graphic Design program in 2001, graduated with my BFA in Graphic Design in 2005, and the rest is history (pardon the cliché).

What you are currently doing or working on?

I’ve been running my own design shop since 2008. I’m blessed to work with clients from a wide variety of industries — medical, legal, government, outdoor, agriculture, wine, healthcare, fitness, telecommunications, and more. I get to experience something new every day!

Creating identities and designing for print is my passion but I spend much of my time designing for the interwebs these days.  

*See examples of Randy’s work below: 

What are some of your thoughts on the Boise design/creative scene and your goals professionally?

We are very fortunate to live in a creative-rich community. Boise has to have one of the highest concentrations of creative agencies (per capita) than any city in the United State. The phenomenal art and design program at Boise State University turns out a couple hundred very talented graduates each year — many of which stay and work right here in Boise, because of the great job opportunities and lifestyle Boise affords them. Boise’s creative community is purpose-driven, passionate, and very generous. We support and nurture each other, and we create work that truly helps our community thrive. 

Looking forward, I want to continue building relationships with brave clients that make the world a better place. If I can accurately capture their brand essence, communicate their messages to their intended audiences, and influence them to do it in a bold, responsible, and sustainable manner, I will be very happy.

Randy Thaemert - Brand Boldly

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Aaron started the Creative Good Auction with Randy Thaemert in 2016, as a unique approach for creative professionals to give back to the community. As the former organizer for the Boise Graphic Design Group (7 years) and an owner of Thrive Web Designs, he is constantly looking for ways to bring designers and businesses together in the Treasure Valley.