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Designer Spotlight: Jeremy Ryan

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Boise Designer Jeremy Ryan

Here at the Creative Good Auction, our designer spotlight is a bi-weekly feature we run to showcase certain individuals in the Boise, Idaho design community to educate the community about the skills and services they offer. Today, we would like to introduce Jeremy Ryan of Jeremy Ryan Design who has done award-winning work for clients big and small throughout the U.S.

Jeremy Ryan Design Logo

“I believe good design is a competitive advantage, and it should bridge the gap between the client’s message and their target audience. I strive to produce quality work and fresh ideas that arrive on time and within budget. I’m always looking for new challenges in web design, logo design, print design, illustration and everything in-between.”

Jeremy RyanBoise Designer

Hi Jeremy! Tell us a little bit about your background and what got you into design.

I discovered design purely by accident. I was actually an architecture major and took an intro to typography course to fulfill an art credit requisite. There I learned what graphic design was — visual problem solving. It was a perfect fit! I had always loved to draw and had an affinity for technology and I found graphic design to be a perfect marriage of the two. I find blank canvases paralyzing, but with design I enjoy the client/designer relationship and working within limitations and constraints.

What you are currently doing or working on?

Currently, I’m a senior graphic designer at Scentsy and I manage part of the graphic design team there as well. I do logo design, print, illustration, pattern work and have been spending more time in the photo studio directing photo shoots lately which I find very fulfilling.

What are some of your thoughts on the Boise design/creative scene and your goals professionally?

I love to be apart of the Boise design/creative scene. It keeps growing and evolving as the city is growing. I feel there is still a lot of opportunity for the scene here to keep experimenting. And I think the Creative Good Auction is a prime example of the beautiful expression of the design community here.


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