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Designer Spotlight: Jeff Ross

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Jeff Ross, Boise Illustrator and Designer

Here at the Creative Good Auction, our designer spotlight is a semi-monthly feature we run to showcase certain individuals in the Boise, Idaho design community to educate the community about the skills and services they offer. Today, we would like to introduce Jeff Ross of the Creative Stuff of Jeff Ross who has done award-winning work for clients big and small throughout the U.S.

“I grew up on the planet Earth, in a little area called Idaho. I’ve been fortunate to work on projects for clients such as Disney, Random House, HP, VetIQ, and many others.”

Jeff RossBoise Designer

Hi Jeff! Tell us a little bit about your background and what got you into design.

I guess the best way I can describe my path into being a graphic designer was my inherent desire to create and to leave something that people enjoy. I drew a lot at a young age, on whatever I could, including on the back of my homework. My imagination was fed by Saturday morning cartoons, superheroes, Ed Emberly, The Secret City, and Star Wars, and I set my sights early on being a cartoonist or animator.

However, (thanks to my oblivious nature), I didn’t really understand what graphic design was until college, where I first used the computer as a tool to create. I really enjoyed the medium and had a blast using the technology at the time, which was, like, Illustrator 3.0 and Photoshop 2.0! (Can you say, PageMaker?)

I still decided to pursue animation but discovered a few things about the industry that I wasn’t too crazy about, especially with a young family to take care of. So I pivoted to focus on graphic design back in 2002, finished my BFA in Graphic Design at BSU back in 2004, and have been working in the Treasure Valley ever since!

What you are currently doing or working on?

Royal Jay Website

I’m currently working at Royal Jay, a software development company that specializes in healthcare applications. I handle the user interface design, but also do UX, marketing, and branding as needed.

In my spare time, I do animation, illustration, and design freelance work as time permits. I enjoy creating t-shirt designs on Cotton Bureau, and post silly drawings to my Instagram. I’m also working with a friend to design and develop our own web-based role-playing set of tools to help gamers play online.

Jeff Ross IllustrationJeff Ross T-Shirt Designs

What are some of your thoughts on the Boise design/creative scene and your goals professionally?

There are so many amazing, talented people here in the Treasure Valley. Everyone is always very inclusive, and I’ve never felt a sense of hostile rivalry. It’s more of a building-up atmosphere rather than tear-down. Living in Nampa, I just don’t make it out to too many Boise events or meet-ups, but I think it’s important to stay in the loop at least a little.
My goals are pretty simple; to keep improving, and keep creating relevant, exciting products. I would love to engage with more fun, entertaining, wacky projects with my art and design, because there’s a side of me that enjoys the silly. Mostly, I just want to find ways to make people smile and be happy.

About aaronbday

Aaron started the Creative Good Auction with Randy Thaemert in 2016, as a unique approach for creative professionals to give back to the community. As the former organizer for the Boise Graphic Design Group (7 years) and an owner of Thrive Web Designs, he is constantly looking for ways to bring designers and businesses together in the Treasure Valley.