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6 Reasons Every Business Should Attend

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6 Reasons Every Business Should Attend

I found this quote that sums up the underlying goal of the Creative Good Auction next Wednesday to a “t”:

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

Thank you Napolean Hill for that.

I know this has been my experience ever since leaving my career as a journalist. But the best part about the CGA is that this one-of-a-kind auction is truly win-win for all involved!

Nonprofits and small businesses in the Treasure Valley may not have heard about this up and coming annual fundraiser. However, the 2019 CGA committee is working hard to change that. As the event coordinator, I’d be happy to fill you in on the top 6 Benefits for Businesses to Attend the CGA on 9/25:

1. Save Money. Need I say more? But seriously, head to our ‘Up For Auction’ page to check out the complete list of professional services up for auction that you may already need. Could you use a discount on any of the following services?

  • Business portraits
  • Product Photography
  • Logo and stationary graphic design
  • 30-second promo or a video for your website
  • 10-page starter website
  • Complete marketing plan development
  • Business development coaching
  • Brand marketing plan
  • Simple custom animation
  • Copywriting/Content Creation
  • SEO and digital footprint audit

2. Foster ongoing relationships with talented local creatives. This event is so multi-faceted… but believe it or not the idea for this unique event arose out of a desire to help retain local talent while giving back. How often do you get to meet face-to-face with the individual who is building your all important website? Or, we all know that being at the top of the Google search engine is THE goal – but how does that work? There are simply some things better left to professionals who know the in’s and out’s of their daily discourse.

3. Start the project you’ve been putting off. Time may have gotten the best of you or maybe you’re procrastinating. Either way, this could be a great excuse to get started. What other time of the year do you know of creative professionals offering their services at discounted prices?

4. Add to your business network. The more the merrier, right? And as a nonprofit, why not show support of other nonprofits while at the same time getting a new logo or website out of the deal. This is when I refer you back to the quote at the top of the blog!

5. Opportunity to try out new talent. If you’ve been hesitant to venture outside of your comfort zone, the CGA is perfect for you! In most cases, you will be able to meet the creative professional at the event. Plus, we have so many items up on the auction block this year (and gift cards and experience-themed gift baskets as well).

6. Feel good about giving back to your community. All the proceeds this year are going to CATCH Inc. For families experiencing homelessness, they enter into a step-by-step program that teaches them how to never find themselves in that situation again. I suppose it’s never a bad P.R. move, either, to let everyone know about the positive ways you contribute to your community.

BONUS: Have a fun night with live music & unlimited dinner and drinks! (Big Thanks to Barbarian Brewing and Holesinsky Wine)

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